Corporate Finance: Private Placements of Equity and Debt, Restructurings, Majority or Minority Recapitalizations

Corporate Finance

Citadel Advisory Group is associated with Burch & Company, Inc., a registered broker/dealer, member FINRA/SIPC. Through Burch & Company, we provide investment banking services that enable our clients to acquire growth capital and achieve financial and strategic goals. We do this by leveraging our long standing relationships with debt and equity providers to bring appropriate solutions for your capital requirements.

Certain principals of Citadel Advisory are licensed Investment Banking agents registered with Burch & Company, Inc., 4151 N. Mulberry Dr, Ste 235, Kansas City, MO 64116, member FINRA/SiPC. Services involving securities shall be performed by Burch. Citadel Advisory and Burch are unaffiliated entities.